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Associate Dean of College of Geosciences, TA&MU, visits Ocean College


On the morning of March 7th, Dr. Jack BaldaufExecutive Associate Dean of College Geosciences, Texas A&M University, accompanied by Prof. Piers Chapman, Head of Department of Oceanography, paid a visit to the Ocean College of Zhejiang University. The delegation of two had a round-table meeting with faculty members of Ocean College. Mr.XU Xiaoyong from Offshore Research Center, Petrochina Hangzhou Research Institute of Geology also attended the meeting.

Ms.CHEN Li, Director of Office of Teaching Administration, extended her welcome to the delegation as well as her expectations about seeking mutual collaborations with the top universities. “We have never seen a better developing opportunity and we are looking forward to deepening our relations with the first class universities and disciplines.” Chen said.

Associate Dean Jack Baldauf and Dr.Piers Chapmam then respectively introduced the College of Geosciences and the Department of Oceanography. Dr. HE Zhiguo briefed the participants on the newly-announced Ocean College, and the current progress of the construction of Zhoushan Campus. He also introduced some of the on-going research projects that drew huge interests from the delegation.

Dean Jack Baldauf conveyed their strong wishes to strengthen exchanges and communication with Zhejiang University and he would like to contribute to promote the signing of MOU between the two universities. He was confidently looking forward to the future research collaboration and student/faculty exchanges in the area of ocean science and engineering between College of Geosciences of TAMU and Ocean College of Zhejiang University. 

The College of Geosciences of TAMU has four academic departments, including Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, Geology & Geophysics, and Oceanography. It enjoys a sound reputation of its scientific research in the fielding of Ocean Observing, Geology and Oil Drilling.


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