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High expectations on collaborations with Ocean College: UNESCO official


Ruan Xiao (R), Deputy Party Secretary, Deputy Dean of Ocean College, meets with visiting UNESCO official ZHU Wenxi (L) at Ocean Hall, May 15, 2013. (Photo by HE Heng)
HANGZHOU, May 15 – Deputy Secretary of Party, Deputy Dean RUAN Xiao met with UNESCO official ZHU Wenxi at Ocean Hall on Wednesday.
ZHU Wenxi, Head of regional office for the western Pacific, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), is paying a two-day visit to Hangzhou. He specially marks his first visit to Ocean College on his calendar.
In their meeting at the Ocean Hall, RUAN Xiao briefed visiting official the history and development of Ocean College. Ruan Xiao then particularly introduced the construction of Zhoushan Campus.
Ocean College and IOC of UNESCO have great potential and a broad future for cooperation, Ruan said.
Ruan said the new-born Ocean College would like to develop friendly relations with the IOC of UNESCO, increase exchanges between specialized committees and boost the growth of the mutually-beneficial partnership.
ZHU Wenxi said his strong expectations to work more closely with Ocean College to boost substantive cooperation, and his willingness to do more positive work for Ocean College to engage more regional and international collaborations.

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