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Dr. Emanuel Soeding from University of Kiel, Germany, visited Zhoushan


Prof. dr. Emanuel Soeding, leader of “Future of Ocean” at the University of Kiel in Germany, visited Zhejiang University and Zhoushan City for the possible co-operation on 22-23 February, 2011. Dr. Soeding visited Xingye Group, Institution of Ocean Exploitation in Zhejiang, etc., accompanied by Prof. Ying CHEN, Dean of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Fei XUE, Vice Division Chief of Foreign Affairs Department, and Dr. Ying-Jun XIE, Associate Director of Zhoushan Ocean Research Center of Zhejiang University. A meeting was hosted by Mr. Deng-Lu Dai, Vice Division Chief of Zhoushan Government at Zhoushan Ocean Center of Zhejiang University on 23 February. Representatives of Zhejiang University and Zhoushan City introduced the development of the ocean base of Zhairuoshan Island, Zhoushan city, and the College of Ocean in Zhejiang. Dr. Soeding introduced the disciplinary development of “Future of Ocean” Excellent Cluster and the research at the University of Kiel. Both sides discussed on the implementation of Zhairuoshan Island and the potential co-operations on Zhoushan marine services between Zhejiang University and the University of Kiel.
Dr. Soeding, together with other representatives from the University of Kiel, also had an informal discussion with the leaders of several ocean-related subjects at Zijinggang Campus. Dr. Soeding showed great interests in the scientific research in the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering and looked forward to the future collaboration with the department.
During his visit, Dr. Soeding had a meeting with Mr. Shi-Qiang Zhu, deputy mayor of Zhoushan, Mr. Bi-Qing Li, superintendent of Science and Technology Agency, Mr. Tong Zhang, deputy head of the Standing Committee of Dinghai Region, and Mr. Fu-Qiang Hu, Director of Zhoushan Ocean Center of Zhejiang University.

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