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A Conceptual Framework of Shear Flow Induced Erosion of Cohesive Sediment Beds---presented by Prof. Han Winterwerp


April 15, 2011, Prof. Han Winterwerp from Delft University of Technology visited DOSE and gave a presentation in Room 311, titled as "A conceptual framework of shear flow induced erosion of cohesive sediment beds". Prof. Winterwerp is an expert of land modification and sediment transport in Deltares research center. His main research area focuses on the transport of cohesive sediment. In his presentation, Prof. Winterwerp introduced the importance of cohesive sediment beds, backgrounds on beds erosion and sediment transport, and his new method for cohesive sediment erosion rate calculation. Also he shared lots of pictures and his own experience on river dynamics research. After his presentation, Prof. Winterwerp visited the ocean experimental hall and discussed with the faculty members about some issues on future collaboration.

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