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Dr. H. Xu attended the Marine Scientific Cruise in Georgia State, USA


On 17th April, 2011, Dr. Hui XU boarded on research vessel “Savannah” at the dock of Skidaway in Georgia State, USA, and started her 6-day ocean scientific cruise along with other scientists from Kent State University and the University of Georgia. This expedition was part of the project “The Effect of Polyamines in Global Ocean Nitrogen and Carbon Cycle”, supported by NSF. The cruise began from Skidaway, Georgia State, went through the Wassaw Channel and arrived in South Atlantic Bight (N 30.3°~32.0°, W 79.3°~81.4°). A lot of research has been done on measuring the concentration and the flux of polyamines, dissolved amino acids and organic nitrogen produced by microorganisms, including the transfer of carbon, using several chemical analytical methods.
During the expedition, Dr. XU was appointed to continue the survey on pH and the inorganic carbon dissolved in the water in South Atlantic Ocean Gulf. This study has been conducted by the lab of Prof. Cai, Wei-Jun in the University of Georgia for seven years, where Dr. Xu is engaged in her postdoctoral research. During the 6-day cruise, Dr. XU has completed her tasks on: 1) mobile real-time monitoring of the surface temperature, salinity of the sea water, partial pressure of carbon dioxide of the atmosphere; 2) measuring the pH of the water samples collected on board; 3) collecting sea water samples for further measurement in lab.


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