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The Secretary of Schleswig Holstein visited DOSE


On June.8th, 2011, a delegation with 8 people led by Karlheinz. Marus, the Secretary of Schleswig Holstein, visited the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering and had a round table meeting with faculty members. During the meeting, Prof. Ying YE and Jian-Xing Leng introduced the department and its developments.
Schleswig Holstein and Zhejiang Province has established a friendly relationship and cooperation since 1986. With the development of political, economic and cultural exchanges, the friendly relations, cooperation and exchanges between universities of two provinces had been great improved. Zhejiang University had signed an`s\vl VE`s\vl Vagreement with Kiel University in 1986, and renewed the agreement in 2002, which exerted positive effects on the higher education development of two provinces. This visit also strengthened the cooperation between Zhejiang University and Kiel University.


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