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2011 "World Oceans Day" Academic Lecture Series---Prof. CHEN from University of Massachusetts, USA


On July the 5th, Prof. Chang-Sheng CHEN, Tenured Professor of Marine science and technology college of Massachusetts University, Adjunct Professor of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Georgia, delivered a splendid speech entitled “New research on the influence of Japan tsunami and nuclear radiation” to our faculty members and students.
Dr. CHEN’s research interests include western boundary current in ocean, the continental shelf fluctuations, nearshore supercritical flow, marine frontalkinetics, boundary layer theory, estuary dynamics, Sediment dynamics, shallow sea,estuary, wetland and lakes ecological dynamics. He has obtained great achievements in the field of ecological dynamics. During his speech, he demonstrated his research with impressive examples.
In this nearly three-hour lecture, Dr. CHEN started with the pictures of the regions destroyed by the tsunami caused by the earthquake occurred on March 11th in Japan. He introduced the latest developments of the leakage accident in the Japan Fukushima nuclear power station with pictures and texts as examples. Later on, Dr. CHEN introduced the FVCOM* model which is applied in estimating the influence of the leakage accident in the Japan Fukushima nuclear power station. It turned out that the model’sprediction matched the measured data quite well, which provesthe good accuracy of the model. After his presentation, Dr. CHEN had a warm discussion with the audience.
Note: FVCOM is a model that combines the advantages of marine finite difference method and finite element model. It can be used as a forecasting system and a high-resolution numerical model for simulating ocean circulation and ecology of global and local areas.


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