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Predicting Long-term Morphology of UK Estuaries by 3D Numerical Model---presentation by Dr. Ian Townend


Sept. 14, 2011, Dr. Ian Townend, technology director of HR Wallingford Ltd, visiting professor of Southampton University, gave a presentation of “Predicting long-term morphology of UK estuaries” in Room 311. This presentation was hosted by Prof. Ying YE, Associate Director of our department.
Dr. Townend is the Research Director in HR Wallingford. He is responsible for the strategic direction and development of the research capability at HR Wallingford and helps to develop new initiatives within the water sector.
Dr. Townend first gave an overview on HR Wallingford. HR Wallingford is a hydraulic laboratory, offering specialist consultancy service in civil engineering and environmental hydraulics to clients worldwide. It is the UK national centre for civil engineering hydraulics. This company has a research team named Coast & Estuary Group of 30 members, including professors, researchers, consultants and students. Many of them have more than 10 years of experience. Dr. Townend also introduced three projects which have been implemented in Vietnam, West Africa and South Korea.
In his presentation of “Predicting Long-term Morphology of UK Estuaries by 3D Numerical Model”, Dr. Townend introduced the types and characteristics of UK estuaries, applications and effects of the 3D model, and research results on sediment transport and changes of coastal landforms.


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