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Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recruitment (Professor Paul Tae-woo Lee’s group)


 Professor Paul Tae-woo Lee’s group is recruiting postdoctoral researchers to jointly conduct the research in the fields of Maritime Logistics and Marine Economy,



The recruits are supposed to assist in the research on the above topics, undertake the research independently, publish the SCI/SSCI papers with the cooperation of Professor Paul Tae-woo Lee, assist in supervising doctoral/postgraduate students, andapply for scientific research projects. The workplace is Ocean College, Zhejiang University (Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, China).


I. The application requirements

     i. Have obtained doctoral degree in related majors such as shipping management and logistics management from domestic or foreign well-known universities (research institutions), or are going to obtain a doctoratebefore registering in Zhejiang University. The applicants also need to have good physical and mental health;

ii. No older than 35;

iii. With a strong interest in scientific research,independent research capability, and good English literacy;

iv. With good communication skill, strong sense of responsibility, and good team spirit.

v. Have published at least 2 SCI or SSCI journal papers as the first author or corresponding author (the papers of which the applicant is the second author while his/her academic supervisor is the first author also satisfy this requirement)


II. Treatment

i. Can apply for three types of funding projects from Zhejiang University: special funding project, key funding project, and general funding project.

(1) Special funding Project: Ph.D. whogot the doctoral degree from the top 100 universities in the world and other particularly good Ph.D. graduates can receive a maximum of 200,000 yuan per year after being assessed by the university.

(2) Key funding project: Ph.D graduates of well-known overseas universities and the state "double first-class" universities or subjects, the university provide 120,000 yuan subsidy per year according to the amount of subsidy provided by cooperative supervisor.

(3) General Funding Project: For other Ph.D. graduates, after selection, the university provide 80,000 yuan subsidy per year according to the amount of subsidy provided by Professor Paul Tae-woo Lee.

In addition to the above financial support from Zhejiang University, Professor Paul Tae-woo Lee’s group and Ocean College will totally provide a postdoctoral fellow witha subsidy at most 90,000 yuan per year.

ii.In accordance with the relevant provisions of academic awards of Zhejiang University, postdoctoral fellows can apply for scientific research awards (including papers, patents, etc.) from the university, and may apply for the university-level international academic exchange funding which can support to attend high-level international academic conference.


III. Application process

i. The applicant should firstly contact us by e-mail (sending a detailed CV, dissertation title and abstract, published papers and other related content). If necessary, an interview will be arranged in Zhoushan, China.

ii. After reaching the agreement between the applicant and Professor Paul Tae-woo Lee, the applicant submits the application materials according to the relevant requirements of Zhejiang University (refer to the website of postdoctoral work office of Zhejiang University, and the university will conduct an evaluation process to make the final decision. We will provide sufficient assist to finish this step.

iii. Personnel and employmentmanagement will be conducted according to the relevant provisions of Zhejiang University.



IV. Contact information

Dr. FengXuehao


Deadline: June 1st, 2018

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