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Ocean College of Zhejiang University Calls for Talents Domestic and Abroad


Ocean College of Zhejiang University is established under the authorization of National Ministry of Education and Zhejiang province and based on the previous Department of Ocean Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University. Upholding the motto of “High starting point, integrated development, being sustainable and international”, Ocean College utilizes the favorable policies of New Marine Economic District in Zhoushan and multi-disciplinary resources of Zhejiang University to establish an unique training system containing the undergraduate education, the postgraduate education, and the continue education of high-level scholars, and to form the comprehensive research institutes of Zhejiang University in marine science and ocean engineering.

Ocean College has owned 2 primary disciplines of “Marine Science” and “Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering”, and 1 secondary discipline of “Port, coastal and offshore engineering”. It consists of 5 departments, 1 national engineering laboratory, and 1 joint research institution, which are the Department of Ocean Science, Department of Ocean Engineering and Technology, Department of Ship Engineering, Department of Offshore Logistics Engineering, Department of Marine Economy and Management, State and Local Collaboration Laboratory of Ocean Engineering Equipment, and Zhoushan-Zhejiang University Ocean Research Center”. It can offer 7 undergraduate programs containing Ocean Engineering and Technology, Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Marine Science, Underwater Technology and Ship Engineering, Offshore Logistics Engineering, Marine Economy, and Marine Law. The college has collaborations with the University of Rhode Island, UC-Davis, University of Strathclyde, and University of Southampton in the undergraduate education and has cooperation in research with other famous universities and research institutions including Kiel University, SINTEF of Norway,  Taiwan University, and Sun Yat-sen University, etc.

Located in the National New District -- Zhoushan Archipelago New District, a beautiful seaside city, Ocean College has a total area of 58 hectares with a total construction area of 240,000 m2. The campus is now under construction and will be completed June, 2015.

Ocean College of Zhejiang University is now inviting applications for the faculty positions of marine science and ocean engineering at all professional levels. The candidate must have a strong record of research and a Ph.D degree. by the time of appointment. The candidate is expected to conduct both research (50%) and teaching (50%). It is expected that the candidate has an interest in engaging in existing research projects and can demonstrate the potential for developing a strong externally funded research program. The candidates are expected to have expertise in the following subjects:


Disciplines and Research Directions with Openings


Research Directions



Marine Science

Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Marine geophysics, Marine Biology, Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography, Fluid Mechanics/Fluid Dynamics, Marine Remote Sensing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Atmospheric Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Natural Product Chemistry, Marine Microbiology, Chemical Ecology, Molecular Pharmacology, etc.

Naval architecture and Ocean Engineering

Ship Structure Engineering, Ship Outfitting Engineering, Ships and Marine Engineering Equipment Technology, Marine Structural Engineering, Ship Testing Technology, Management Technology of Ship Engineering, Marine Environmental Monitoring Equipment Technology, etc.


Ocean Engineering and Technology

Underwater Technology, Underwater Vehicle Technology, Underwater Acoustics and Communication Technology, Underwater Optics and Communication Technology, Underwater Wireless, Mechatronics Engineering, Information Engineering and Technology, Marine Renewable Energy, etc.

Coastal and Offshore Engineering

Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, etc.

Offshore Logistics Engineering and Management

Marine Economy, Marine Law, Marine Archaeology, Logistics Management, Maritime Management, etc.


Qualifications and Requirements

(1). Applicants should hold a doctoral degree.

(2). Applicants should have a strong teamwork spirit and development potential in research and teaching.

(3). Candidates who apply for senior faculty positions should comply with qualifications of associate professor or professor of Zhejiang university.

Documentation Details:

(1). A complete curriculum vitae.

(2). Advanced degrees certificates and certification of present employment.

(3). Research and teach plan in Ocean College.

(4). List of publications and other outcomes of scientific works in the past five years (containing the scientific research projects hosted or mainly participated in by applicants, the official representative of the academic papers, and academic awards, etc).

(5). Three recommendation letters from renowned experts in the specific field.



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