Research Institutes

Institute of Ocean Resources


The Institute of Ocean Resources offers MSc program on marine chemistry, MSc and PhD programs on marine geology and marine biology.Research work was focused on marine geology and marine chemistry, as well as exploration and utilization of marine mineral and biological resources, marine environmental monitoring and remediation, marine archaeological technology, geophysical exploration and logging technology.
Research Directions:
1.      Marine geology and seafloor resources
(1)   Interaction between submarine lithosphere and hydrosphere, distribution and formation of deep-sea fossil energy and mineral resources (e.g., gas hydrate, deepwater oil and gas, hydrothermal sulfide in middle ocean ridge,  manganese nodules on seafloor).
(2)   Marine source detection, including ocean geophysical exploration, satellite remote sensing, chemical sensing technology, etc.
2.      Exploitation and Utilization of Marine Mineral and Biological Resources
(1)   Development of marine mineral resources and functional materials.
(2)   Extraction and utilization of active substance in marine bio-substance.
3.      Marine Environmental Monitoring and Remediation
      Developing chemical sensors for monitoring marine environment and detecting diffuse plume from seafloor hydrothermal vent;
4.    Marine Archaeological Technology
Marine archeology explores and investigates ancients’ activities buried in seafloor. In this area, research focuses on detecting technology for underwater targets and protecting the relics excavated from the seafloor.
5.    Geophysical Exploration and Logging Technology
(1)   Detection of marine resources, ocean geophysical exploration and satellite remote sensing.
(2)   Submarine geophysical imaging
(3)   Logging for deep-sea oil and gas

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