Research Institutes

Institute of Underwater Technology and Ship Engineering


Institute of Underwater Technology and Ship Engineering focuses on research and developments in three directions: Ship Engineering, Ocean Technology and Ocean Engineering. Support will also be provided by the Provincial Lab for Ocean Equipment Test which is under construction at this moment.
Main research directions:
1.      Ship Engineering: design, control, integration and performance test for ship outfitting and ship structure, efficient ship structure assembly, intelligent robot in ship building, algae cleaning robots, optimization of ship-building process, ship automation, efficient assembly between ship and ship outfitting structure, intelligent robot for ship equipments. 
2.      Ocean Technology: equipment development for deep-sea resource exploration, underwater vehicles, underwater acoustics, underwater optics, ocean hydraulics, cabled seafloor observatories, long-term in situ observation in deep sea.
3.      Ocean Engineering: integration of ocean engineering equipments, design of deep-sea structures, water dynamics, dynamic coupling and response of ocean structure in various ocean environments (wind, wave and current).

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