Research Institutes

Institute of Marine Biology & Natural Products


The Institute of Marine Biology & Natural Products conducts research in the fields of Marine Natural Products, Chemical Ecology, Molecular Pharmacology and Marine Microbiology. The institute provides Master and PhD training opportunities in Marine Biology.
Research directions
1. Marine Natural Products
The research is focused on discovering marine natural products with anti-cancer, anti-HIV and anti-bacterial activities. Studying the secondary metabolites of bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes and microalgae, and finding lead compounds from them to conduct total synthesis and chemical structure modification is an important part of this research area.
2.Chemical Ecology
Exploring the mechanisms involved in the interactions of organic molecules between marine flora & fauna and their epiphytic microorganisms for the efficient use of marine resources.
3.Molecular Pharmacology
Employing biologically active marine natural products as probes to investigate novel mechanisms and discover potentially molecular targets of these compounds.
4. Marine Microbiology
Isolating, cultivating and identifying of marine microbiology, and the large scale fermentation of the useful bacteria.

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