Composed of 5 institutes and an Ocean Technology Testing Base (OTTB), the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering was founded in May 2009, as the youngest one in Zhejiang University.
The institutes and OTTB are namely as follows:
1)        Institute of Ocean Resources: engaged on investigation and exploration of natural resources under the seafloor, and in the seawater, as well as monitoring marine environment and ocean hazard. This institute offers postgraduate course for marine chemistry and marine geology.
2)        Institute of Underwater Technology and Ship Engineering: deep-sea resource exploration equipment, underwater acoustics, underwater optics, ocean engineering fluid dynamics, underwater observation technology, artificial upwelling, ocean engineering equipment integration, ship and ship equipment design, ship automation, etc. They offer postgraduate courses on Underwater Technology and Ship Engineering.
3)        Institute of Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering: the major research areas include river mechanics, fluid dynamics, coastal dynamics and port waterway engineering. This institute offers courses on Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Ocean Building and Its Environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
4)        Institute of Physical Oceanography (under construction, supported by the State Key Lab of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics): the main research fields of this institute include coastal ocean dynamic processes, ocean circulation and air-sea interaction, essential physical processes in marine environment, ocean satellite remote sensing and marine microwave remote sensing. The institute provides postgraduate course on Physical Oceanography.
5)        Institute of Marine Biology & Natural Products (under construction): ocean animals and plants, discovery and utilization of microorganism, development of ocean biology and biological genetic resources, etc. This institute offers postgraduate course on marine biology.
6)        The OTTB in Zhairuoshan Island, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province: As long-term strategy collaboration between Zhoushan City and Zhejiang University, Zhairuoshan Island off the estuary of Qiantang River was assigned to Zhejiang University for the purpose of general sea trials on ocean equipments, underwater technology, and for technological demonstration on island exploration. An Ocean Technology Test Base (OTTB) is going to be constructed on the island. Projects on reproducible energy, desalination system, circulating aquaculture system are also under consideration. Besides, Zhairuoshan Island is going to be built to a sea side laboratory not only for research but also for teaching activities in the Department.
The Department also has an ocean basin and relevant facilities in the main campus (Zijinggang Campus). The indoor ocean basin covers an area of 50m*36m*1.4m, installed with L type wave generator which is able to simulate the transmission of wave, flow and sediment.
The department offers two undergraduate courses:
Ocean Engineering and Technology, which was approved in 2010 by the Education Ministry as the first university offers this course in China, to fit with the manpower requirement in ocean technology, ocean engineering and ship engineering. Students with their first degree from this specialty will be competent for deep-sea technology, equipment development for marine engineering, ship and deck equipment development. Main courses of this major include Ocean Science, Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Design, Underwater Vehicle Technology, Marine Technology, Sensing and Detection Technology, Control Engineering, Ship Design, etc. About 30 undergraduate students are enrolled in this major annually.
Water Resources and Ocean Engineering is dedicated to cultivate talents on design, planning, construction, scientific research, and management and information technology in the area of port and waterway engineering, exploitation of coast zone resource and coastal engineering. About 30 undergraduate students are enrolled in this major annually.

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