Yan Wei

Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Ocean Science and Engineering,

Zhejiang University


Phone: +86-571 88981967
Fax:   +86-571 88208891
Address: Room 426, Ocean Hall, Zhejiang University,

Zijingang Campus, 866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou, China, 310058



1.         Ph.D. – Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, Maritime Engineering, 2012

2.         M. S – Wuhan University of Technology, Ship and Marine Engineering, 2007,

3.         B. S. – Wuhan University of Technology, Ship and Marine Engineering, 2004

Work Experience


2012.08—Present , lecturer and researcher, Department of Ocean and Science Engineering, Zhejiang University

2009.10—2009.11, Work for IHC piping company in IHC Merwede shipyard, Hardinxveld Gissendam, the Netherlands

2006.10—2007.01, Work for YN Ship Management Co., (Shanghai) Ltd. Join the biding process of building a new chemical ship, Shanghai, China.

Research Interests

1.         Optimization and process control of shipbuilding

2.         Simulation of production process  

3.         Planning and scheduling

Current Projects

1.         An investigation on the simulation modeling for optimizing pipe assembly process of ship outfitting, supported by Modeling of levee breach processes with flow, erosion, and sediment transport, supported by the Fundamental Research for the Central Universities, 2013-201


Recent Publications

1.         WEI, Y. and NIENHUIS, U. (2012). “Automatic Generation of Assembly Sequence for the Planning of Outfitting Processes in Shipbuilding, Journal of Ship Production and Design, 28(2): 49-59.

2.         WEI, Y. NIENHUIS, U. and MOREDO, E. (2010). “Two Approaches to Scheduling Outfitting Processes in Shipbuilding”, Journal of Ship Production and Design, 268(1), 20-28.

3.         WEI, Y. and NIENHUIS, U. (2010). “An Approach to Improve Advanced Outfitting Practices in Ship Construction—Automatic Scheduling System, International Maritime Conference, PACIFIC 2010, Sydney, Australia.

4.         WEI, Y. and NIENHUIS, U. (2009). “An Automatic Schedule Generation System of Outfitting Process in Shipbuilding”, International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding 2009, Shanghai, China, volume III, 199-207.

5.         WEI, Y.  (2012). “Automatic Generation of Assembly Sequence for the Planning of Outfitting Processes in Shipbuilding VSSD, Delft, the Netherlands, ISBN978-90-6562-295-2


World Invitation Lectures/ Seminars

1.         2013 Ship Science, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK.

2.         2013 Lloyd's Register, London, UK.

3.         2013 Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Glasgow, UK

4.         2010 School of Transportation, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China

5.         2010 International Maritime Conference, PACIFIC, Sydney, Australia

6.         2009 International Conference on Computer Applications, Shanghai, China

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