GE, Han


Han Ge

Assistant Professor, Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University


Phone:  +86-571 88981566
Fax:    +86-571 88208891
Address:  Dept. of Ocean Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University,

Zijingang Campus,866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou, China, 310058



1.       Ph.D. –  Tsinghua University, Mechanical Engineering, 2004.09~2010.01

2.       B. S.– Tsinghua University, Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentation, 2000.9~2004.7


Working Experience


1.       2010-,  Assistant Professor, Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University

2.       2012.11-2013.11,  Visiting Scholar, Microsystems Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

Research Interests

1.       Cavitation erosion

2.       Microfluidics Technology

3.       Signal Processing


Current Project

1.         Research on the composition of noise during the cavitation erosion process, supported by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, 2011-2012.

2.         Zijin Program for Young Teachers, supported by Zhejiang University, 2010

3.         Research on the mechanism of local thermal effect on cavitation erosion, supported by Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, 2013-2015.




Publication List

  1. Ge Han, Chen Haosheng. Formation and Progression of Iridescent Rings around Cavitation Erosion Pits. Cav2012, Singapore, 2012.
  2. Ge Han, Qin Li, Jiang Liang, Chen Haosheng. Correlation studies on Surface Roughness and Cavitation noise (in Chinese). Lubrication Engineering, 2010(04).
  3. Ge Han, Du Chuan, Chen Haosheng. Investigation on the Formation of Iridescent Rings around Cavitation Erosion Pit (in Chinese). Tribology. 2010(04).
  4. Ge Han, QinLi, Yan Dayun, Chen Darong.  Analysis of cavitation noise based on STFT (in Chinese).  Journal of Tsinghua University. 2010(07).
  5. Ge Han, Chen Haosheng, Liu Shihan and Chen Darong.  Effect of surface topography on cavitation noise: experimental study. WTC2009, Kyoto, 2009.
  6. Ge Han, Chen Haosheng, Chen Darong, Yan Dayun.  Effect of surface material on the cavitation erosion noise: experimental investigation. CIST2008, Beijing, 2008


Conference List

2008,  Advanced Tribology Proceedings of CIST2008 & ITS-IFToMM2008 Beijing;

2009,  4th World Tribology Conference, Kyoto, Japan.

2012,  8th International Symposium on Cavitation, Singapore.


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