PAN, Yi-Wen


Pan Yiwen
Research Assistant, Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University
Phone: +86-571 8820 8821
Fax:   +86-571 8820 8891
Address: Dept. of Ocean Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus,866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou, China, 310058
1.         M. S –University of Minnesota, Geology and Geophysics, 2004~2007
2.         B.S. – Zhejiang University, Biomedical Engineering,1999~2004
Working Experience
1.         2009-,   Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University
2.         2007-2009, Research Assistant, Department of Earth Science, Zhejiang University
Awards and Honors
V.Rama Murthy/Janice Noruk Fellowship, 2005-2006
Research Interests
Marine Chemistry and development on Electrochemical sensors
Publication List
1.         Y. Pan* and W.E. Seyfried, Experimental and Theoretical Constraints on pH measurement with Iridium Oxide Electrode in Aqueous Fluids from 25 to 175°C and 25 MPa, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2008, 37 ( 8), 1051-1062. 2010 SCI (1.34).
2.         Ye Ying* , Huang Xia,Pan Yi-wen,Han Chen-hua,Zhao Wei, In-situ measurement of the dissolved S2- in seafloor diffuse flow system (1): sensor preparation and calibration. Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE, 2008, 9(3), 423-428. 2010 SCI (0.301).
3.         潘依雯*,叶瑛,韩沉花。 用于深海极端环境下的pH电极制备方法改进,海洋学报,2010,32(2):73-79。
4.         叶瑛*,黄霞,韩沉花,赵伟,潘依雯,海底热液扩散流溶解硫化物的原位观测:电极的制备与性能标定。传感技术学报,2008,21(1):1-4。
5.         潘依雯、Kang Ding,深海pH电极制作技术新进展,深海高技术研讨会大会报告,2006.7,中国成都
6.         Fan Wei,Pan Huachen,Pan Yiwen,Wu Minzhong,Chen Ying*,On Optimal Frequencies of Acoustic in-situ Detector for seafloor Hydrothermal Vents, China Ocean Engineering, 2010, 24(2):343-351.
7.         Huachen Pan, Ying Chen, Jie Mao, Wei Fan, Yiwen Pan, Youfeng Wu and Minzhong Wu, Progress in Developing a Device for Measuring Heat Flux from the Hydrothermal Vent in Deep Ocean using Acoustic Method, Ocean
8.         潘依雯,武光海,秦华伟,韩沉花,叶瑛*,基于多参数化学传感器的­海底热液探测方研究,海洋学报(待刊)

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