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Conference Accommodations

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After signing in the official website of PACON 2017, you can book your accommodations online. 

For more information about the accommodation booking, please contact Ms.Tong.

 Email:       Mobile: +86-18805801126


PACON 2017 recommends the following three hotels for your accommodations.


1, Grand Barony Hotel

A luxury hotel, located in the downtown of Zhoushan city, is only 30min drive from the Zhoushan airport.  


Hotel website:


Room rate£º

538 RMB£¨Double room or King bed room£©



An on-campus hotel, 5mins walk to any conference venue.


Hotel website:


Room rate£º

328 RMB £¨Double room or King bed room£©

358RMB£¨Family Suite, one king bed with an extra child bed£©

428RMB£¨Three-standard-bed room£©



A five-star hotel, located at the heart of Zhoushan`s new town.


 Hotel website:


Room rate£º

428RMB£¨Double room or King bed room£©

488RMB£¨business room or double room£©

428RMB£¨executive room or double room£©