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PACON International is a non-profit, tax-exempt, scientific organization dedicated to the sharing of scientific and technological information among Pacific maritime nations.

The organization was created following two successful Congresses (PACON 84 and PACON 86, both in Honolulu). Each of the two congresses attracted more than 250 registrants from a dozen nations. Since then, PACON has expanded and become an organization of international repute. Due to several requests from PACON Chapters to hold congresses/symposia, the Board of Directors approved a 3-day Regional Symposium in the odd years between the biennial congress. The first Regional Symposium was convened in Beijing, China in 1993. To simplify the name of our congresses and regional symposia, the meetings will now be known as International Conferences.

PACON International is an organization comprised of marine scientists, engineers, industrialists, and policy makers dedicated to sharing state-of-the-art marine science and technology and the appropriate applications of this technology.

Our principle goal is to provide information to all participating nations to promote the environmentally sound utilization of ocean resources and to advance knowledge in the various disciplines. The organization provides an international forum for nations and islands of the Pacific to exchange information, ideas and technology.

The role of marine science and technology in the economic development of Pacific Basin resources is of vital concern to engineers, scientists, planners, policy-makers, administrators, educators, and scholars. The conference facilitates the exchange of views and ideas among representatives of the Pacific Island nations and the large rim countries and thereby strengthens future information exchange and collaboration.

Contacting Party

    Ocean College, Zhejiang University 

    South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CAS

Assisting Party

    Dalian Ocean University

    People’s Government of Dinghai District

    Construction & Administration Bureau of China (Zhoushan) Ocean Science City


DanLing Tang   The Chief Researcher of CAS;  China


Vyacheslav B. Lobanov,    Professor,   Russia 


John Wiltshire   Professor,   United States 



Dr. Wolf D. Grossmann, Germany


Dr. Michael Crosby, United States

Dr. Sheng JinYu, Canada   Jinyu.Sheng@Dal.Ca


Dr. Jerome Comcowich, United States,

Dr. Yasuyuki Ikegami, Japan,


Dr. Hideki Kohno, Japan,

Dr. Yoshihiro Suenaga   Japan,


Dr. Koichi Masuda, Japan,

Dr. Ying Ye, China,


The organizing committee of the conference host


Cai Zhang   Academician of China Engineering Academythe director of the institute of Chinese academy of sciences   China

Shiqiang Zhu  Vice-Secretary of Party Committee in Zhejiang University, Secretary of Party Committee in Ocean College, Professor   China


Secretary General

Ying Ye   The Professor of Ocean College, Zhejiang University   China

Vice-Secretary General

Changsheng Zhang  The Researcher of CAS   China