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Ocean Electronics Eng. & Intelligent System

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Development goals

Marine Electronics & Intelligent Systems Lab. is one of the key labs of the Marine Information Technology Department in Ocean College, Zhejiang University. The laboratory is led by Professor Zhiwei Xu, the Director of the department. The goal of the laboratory is to discover working mechanisms of various electronics and systems for ocean observations and communications, and to develop key devices, circuits and intelligent systems for ocean applications. The lab’s research mainly focuses on: intelligent integrated circuits (ICs), intelligent sensing, and intelligent systems for ocean applications. In particular, the lab targets to deliver a series of critical components and systems, including ultra-wideband communication ICs, high resolution radar ICs, sensors, digital phased arrays, intelligent AUV (Autonomous underwater vehicle) and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), etc.


Key research directions

1.ocean intelligent integrated circuits (ICs)

The lab tackles key problems of phased array chip and system. Through the cooperation of chips, systems and algorithms, the first set of domestic equipment has been formed in the fields of marine broadband communication terminal based on LEO satellite constellation and high precision obstacle avoidance system for autonomous navigation of unmanned ship / boat.

2.ocean intelligent systems

The lab targets to the control, design and manufacturing technology of key marine robot and underwater intelligent system. Through the integration of model analysis, intelligent algorithm, electromechanical control and system design, we develop core technologies and products that do not depend on foreign countries in the research and development of key technologies in the field of marine intelligent system.

3.ocean intelligent sensing  

The lab  explores ocean intelligent sensing technology of sound, light and electromagnetismfor interdisciplinary ocean applications. Through the integration of physical model analysis, theoretical algorithm design, and experimental system implementation, we develop core technologies for precise sensing over the immense ocean area. Research of interests include: ocean optical sensing and hyperspectral / holographic imaging, underwater acoustic imaging and target detection and recognition, intelligent electromagnetic wave control and devices, artificial intelligence applications, etc.


Member of the Institute



Research direction


Zhu Shiqiang

Professor /Secretary of the Party committee /Director of Zhijiang Laboratory

Marine robot


Wang Xiaoping

Professor /Vice president of ocean college

Ocean optical sensing


Xu Zhiwei

Professor /Head of Department /Director



Wang Delin


Ocean acoustical imaging and sensing


Zhang Fan


big data analytics, cloud platform


Chen Zheng


Marine robot, Electromechanical control


Song Chunyi

Associate Professor / Associate Director

LEO satellite, Millimeter wave radar


Ji Daxiong

Associate Professor / Associate Director

Marine robot


Song Wei

Associate Professor

Marine robot


Wang Tao

Associate Professor

Marine Intelligent System


Wang Huaping

Associate Professor

Intelligent electromagnetic wave control


Zhu Jiang

Associate Professor

Integrated signal processing of communication radar


Qi Xiaokang

Associate Researcher

Research on Radar & Microwave System


Zhan Shuyue


Ocean optical imaging


Li Huan


Phased array antenna


He Lai


RF and mm-wave integrated circuits and systems


Nur Amin Hopue


Ocean Powering & Sensing  Technology