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Marine Chemistry & Environment

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The core research area of Institute of Marine Chemistry and Environment is to investigate the biogeochemical responses of the marine environment under multiple stresses and propose the relevant countermeasures. The main research directions include: Cycle process of key biogenic elements under the effects of global changes and human activities; The formation and control mechanism of the problem about the coastal zone and typical offshore environment and ecology; The research and development of marine sensing technology and analysis methods. The Institute has formed the characteristics of multi-disciplinary intersection and the combination of science and engineering to build the discipline of marine chemistry and environmental science with characteristics of Zhejiang University.

At present, a team of scientific research personnel, including nine full-time staff members and one “Qiushi” Chair Professor, has been formed. The full-time staff includes three professors, one professor with tenure-track (national talents program), and five associate professors. There are also one postdoctoral fellow and one secretary working for the institute.