Large-scale Wave-Current-SedimentBasin

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The basin is 70m in length, 40m in width, and 1.5m in depth. Equipped with 3D wave generator, tidal generation pipes, sediment supply system, data recording device and measuring system, and state-of-the-art automatic control system, it can systematically conduct large-scale experimental studies and research projects with emphasis in coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics and morphological changes, harbor and port constructions, coastal disaster and defense, artificial islands and ocean platforms, wave and tidal energy utilization, etc. by taking into account one or more coupling conditions of tides, currents, waves, and sediment transport.

The maximum test water depth is 1m, and the maximum flow rate is 1.25m/s. The extreme tidal range is 12cm, and wave period range is 0.3 ~ 5.0s, height range is 0.03 ~ 0.30m.