Maneuverable Experiment System Joins the Fleet of College's Research Facilities

Editor:Jingsheng,Zhou Xizi, Ye Bo,Jin Shidi, Huang Yu Time:2019-10-09 Views:79

On September 26, a inspection meeting was held on the Zhoushan campus of Zhejiang University. Maneuverable Experiment System and Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer has passed the experts and professionals inspection and these two facilities are officially ready for use.

The Maneuverable Experiment System is equipped in the round tank lab on Zhoushan Campus. System includes the rotational bridge, maneuverable measure platform and transfer bridge correction platform. The system is based on 45-meter-diameter and 6-meter-deep pool, to conduct operational experiments of surface navigator and underwater submersible. The length of the system's radial arm is 24.5 meters and the velocity is 0.02 to 1.00 rad per second. The system could accommodate experiment model up to 4 meters long.  

With the System ready for use,the Ocean College has now equipped with a cluster of state-of-the-art research facilities including three tanks, six flumes, one ultra pressure cabin and three Six-DOF platforms.   

Text: Jingsheng,Zhou Xizi 

Photo:Ye Bo,Jin Shidi, Huang Yu