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ISU-OCZJU 2nd international Students Funday

Editor:Maria Time:2019-04-30 Views:30

It was April, 27th 2019, when the International students Union of Zhejiang University, Ocean College kick started their second international fun-day for the spring semester!  

There were six teams that competed for the funday events. Each team was named based on mythical and biological creatures of the ocean. Hydra (yellow), Orcas (Oranges), Nautilus (Green), Krakens(Red), Sirens (Pink) and Mermans(Blue). Among the teams were both international Students and Chinese Students. The teams were classified based on physical strength and weakness that fulfilled the requirement for the games. Each games tested students ability to co-operate as a team, despite of intense challenges in their daily lives and to work with confidences, persistence and enthusiasm.

The Games were officially initiated by the president of the ISU- OCZJU (Robert) as he made the open remarks by wishing every team an infinite success and enjoyment.

The first game that kicked start the event was the AMAZING RACE/SCAVENGER HUNT. The hunt was confided inside the campus at 5 locations: Football field, Gymnasium, Dormitory, Library and Canteen. Each teams had a number of riddles and challenges to complete, before finding the treasure!   (include photos of the challenge). The first team that found the treasure were Sirens , however due their failure to complete a challenge at the library, the treasure was given to team Orcas whom came in second place. 

The next events that followed were the time and spoon, sack race, 4 legged race, Tug or war, relay race and No facial expression ( eating sour fruits). 

As the day slowly closes in, the judges (Yuvna, Abba and Ky) tallied the score sand announced the  teams position. Coming in 6th Position were the Sirens gaining a total of 69 points, followed by Krakens (119 points) , Orcas (240 points), Nautilus (317 points), Hydra (330 points) and coming victorious were Merman achieving 384 points. 

The event was concluded by the ISU-OCZJU President. The treasure from the scavenger hunt was reveal! This officially announced the endorsed ISU-OCZJU Logo! Robert, acknowledged all the organizers, facilitators and judges of the events (Maria,Elna,Farah,Yuvna, Mehadi, Tajrin, Abba, Ky and Yuvna) and the international student affair personnel. The awards were presented to the 1st3rd positions along with sophisticated souvenirs to all participants.