Covid-19 Information (Aug 4 updated)

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Zhoushan & Hangzhou Routine Test Requirements (Updated Aug 4)


As of August 4, all the residents in Hangzhou and Zhoushan need to provide the NEGATIVE result of nucleic acid test (test should be taken within 7 days) for access to public avenues, public transportations and CAMPUS ENTRY PASS-'blue code').  


PCR Tests services are available at Zhoushan campus clinic every morning from Monday to Saturday through the summer vacation. Bussiness hours: 830am -1130am.  You can get the results of the test the next day.  Fee: 4RMB each test.  


You may solicit advice for more test sites from your lab or Internatinal Office.

Returning to Zhoushan Campus after Travel

Travel from areas with confirmed Covid-19 infection cases, or high\middle risk areas, or from international travels

Comply with the local government requirements. Then 7-day health observation at home or at off-campus site. After you receive the negative nucleic acid test result, submit application for blue code via DingTalk portal.

For the first 7 days after you return to campus, you should follow the health observation protocols(see below).

Travel from low risk areas out of Zhejiang Province:

After 3-day health observation off campus, you can apply for blue code via Dingtalk with two negative PCR test results. Two tests should be taken on Day1 and Day3. 

Travel from low risk areas within Zhejiang Province:

Take a PCR test after your arrival in Zhoushan. Submit the negative nucleic acid test result (test should be taken within 48 hours), together with your green health code and travel record via Dingtalk portal for your campus pass (blue code). 

Campus entry pass (blue code) revoked due to misconduct of daily health report:  

After you receive the negative nucleic acid test result (test should be taken within 48 hours), submit application for blue code via DingTalk portal.

Health Observation Protocols


a)  Take temperature twice every day. Visit the fever department at hospital if you have developed symptoms such as fever, coughing, fatigue, sore throat, muscle pain, stuffy or running nose, olfactory malfunction, diarrhea or conjunctivitis. Wear facial masks at all times and immediately report to your supervisor and International Office.


b)  Masking is required for all on-campus activities. Wash your hands frequently and keep social distance. Do not take public transportations.


c)   Do not participate in the in-person meetings. Do not enter indoor avenues such as library, classrooms, auditorium. No indoor dining at campus canteen. Do not take part in the physical sports activities such as soccer or basketball.


d)  Take a nucleic acid test on the Day 3 and Day 7 after returning to campus. With a negative result on Day7 test, the above-mentioned restricted activities will be lifted.